LCD Videowalls

Vistrol LCD Videowall can be viewed at any position, and the picture is always clear and consistent; the new “ultra-wide viewing angle extension technology” ensures that the image viewed within a viewing angle of 178 degrees from top, bottom, left, and right is not deformed, and the color is not distorted. Large and seamless display screen, seamless image performance, close-up viewing is always clear and consistent. Customers can switch the screen orientation between O degrees and 180 degrees according to the on-site installation of the screen.

Vistrol LCD Videowall has abundant supporting products with better compatibility; in addition to providing safe and reliable display units, it also provides rich supporting products: processor/video integrated platform/digital hybrid matrix/stand/cable and service and system controlling software.

  • Accurate Calibration

  • Vivid and Reliable Content

  • Ultra-Narrow Bezel-Optimized Panel Design

  • Cost-Effective Management

  • All-In-One Built-In Platform

LCD Videowalls Series