At Vistrol, we pledge to provide the latest in technology to our customers.  All our products are designed to improve reliability, usability and scalability.  Our vision is to have all our products ioT ready within 5 years.

We have already started our ioT journey with some of our iLCD and iMX product range, which comes with optional ioT implementation and solutions for our customers.  Let’s take our iLCD for example. Our customer implemented a video wall, which made out of multiple iLCDs, for the digital signage purpose, at a remote location, and is constantly displaying advertisement ordered by their clients.  The status of the multiple iLCDs are constantly checked and updated to the cloud. Our customers can then check the status of the video wall anytime from the internet and schedule it to turn ON/OFF or any other task, depending on the crowd at the location.  If one of the iLCD is experiencing a problem, an email will be send out to the respective person for repair or any other actions.

Also, we have products which not only is ioT compliant by itself, but it is also able to integrate with other device such as a third-party projectors, to make it ioT compliance. One of our implementation is with an educational institution, where we installed iX-FP-21 in each of their classrooms. The iX-FP-21 acts as a faceplate for the instructors to connect his/her notebook, switch the source of the projector and also send the projector status, such as ON/OFF status, lamp life, temperature and online status to the cloud. Reports can be generated to facilitate the maintenance team to make sure the Audio Visual equipment in each room is working perfectly.

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