Introducing Zoffy, the All in One, AV over IP solution

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Jump to product page: Zoffy. As a provider of technological solutions striving to be disruptive in the traditional Audio-Visual industry, we have constantly researched and developed solutions related to the transmission of information to help [...]

Intelligent Central Nervous System (iCNS®)

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Vistrol offers a Smart Control to our customers all over the world with our Intelligent Central Nervous System (iCNS®). The iCNS® emulates the human central nervous system, linking the entire body via a control channel [...]

Excellent in Precision Products and Services

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Vistrol is the leading manufacturer in Video Wall system, mostly used in Command and Control Centers, Network Operation Centers, Support Operation Centers, Security Centers and Surveillance Centers. With the launch of our iCNS, our solution [...]

Vistrol’s dedication to Internet of Things (ioT)

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At Vistrol, we pledge to provide the latest in technology to our customers.  All our products are designed to improve reliability, usability and scalability.  Our vision is to have all our products ioT ready within 5 [...]

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