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As a provider of technological solutions striving to be disruptive in the traditional Audio-Visual industry, we have constantly researched and developed solutions related to the transmission of information to help our customers to deliver and convey critical information in a lossless and timely manner. This relentless pursuit has led us to the development of Zoffy.

Zoffy, an all in one 4K IPBaseT AV-OVER-IP distributed Audio, Visual and Control System is specially designed to replace traditional Matrix Switchers, Converters, Scalers, Extenders, Distribution Amplifiers, VideoWall Controllers, Long Hybrid Cables, Programmable Controls, and KVMs into one versatile solution packed with enhanced Reliability, Flexibility, Speed and Interoperability.

A pioneer in this technology, we designed each Zoffy Module to be universal. Each Zoffy module is IP based, and capable to be used as an encoder or a decoder, providing high flexibility and convenience to implement, compared to existing distributed system products currently in the market that requires encoder (Tx) and decoder (Rx) modules.

With Zoffy, there is only one module with its function being user defined via the built-in settings. This makes it much more easier for our distributors, dealers and end-users to only keep inventory of a single module type to solve all their audio-visual interconnectivity requirements.

Characterised by the unique use of lossless compression coding technology, we are able to maximise the transfer bandwidth, enhancing audio-video resolution and the flexibility of control, with minimal-to-none delays.

Each Module or node supports POE or 12V power supply, 4K ultra-clear video input and output, analog audio input and output, USB 2.0 , infrared, RS232 control signals (coming soon), I/O signals integration (coming soon), and contact closure control (coming soon).

With the Zoffy management software, functions such as, signal preview, video matrix seamlessly switching, Audio matrix with independent switching, video conferencing, conference room equipment control, Video-Wall matrix, KVM collaboration and many more other functions can be achieved with ease.